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Building an eruv isn’t just about convenience.

Because it is easy to accidentally venture outside carrying a siddur or with a tissue in your pocket, the Chasam Sofer insisted that it is both appropriate and obligatory to erect an eruv to prevent the tzibur from stumbling.

Building an eruv is a significant undertaking for a community or a private person, but with its vast experience, Mishmeres Eruvin Lemehadrin can help you create one in your community.

About Us

Mishmeres Eruvin Lemehadrin was founded in 2017 to help Jewish communities construct kosher lemehadrin eruvin in order to promote kedushas Shabbos. Drawing on years of expertise culled in the construction and expansion of the country’s largest eruv in New York and New Jersey, Mishmeres Eruvin Lemehadrin is guiding communities through the many nuances of putting up an eruv, which includes not only the many associated halachos, but also navigating the complex geographic, communal and legal issues involved.

But the job doesn’t end once an eruv has been completed. Ongoing maintenance involves a weekly commitment and Mishmeres Eruvin Lemehadrin takes communities through that process by training local teams to inspect and repair the eruv, in addition to educating them on keeping residents informed of the eruv’s boundaries, as well as its status, on a weekly basis.

Our mission is to help communities plan, build and maintain mehadrin eruvin in addition to providing maps and information to the community, promoting kedushas Shabbos and eliminating the possibility of accidentally carrying in a forbidden area on Shabbos.

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